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Madhava having heard the pregnant words of Bukka,
praised him and replied gladly:
" Listen with calm understanding to my words that deal
with the purusarfha ; here is my younger brother, Sayan-
acarya, foremost among the learned men.
" 0 ! King! desirous of learning the purusarihas, in the
Puranas and Upapitrattas* I have given instruction to him ; and
he will tell you the stories."
Thus having cheered the King, he cast a glance at
Sayanarya; and Sayana having bowed down to his brother
addressed the king, Bukka.
The king, Bukka, heard the Punwtarta-Sttclhanidki as
related by Madhava [Sayana ?]-arya and felt very much
He told his illustrious teacher Madhava: " 0 ! best among
the learned men! I feel satisfied with your valuable stories
and have learned many that teach the purusartka.
" I think you are adding to the glory of your elder brother
Madhava as Upendra did to Indra. "
Pur^Urtha SudK&nidki.
Hail prosperity! On Monday, Sravana su 15 of the year
Paridhavi corresponding to S. S. 1294 of increasing victory;
while the prosperous Mahamandaiesvara, Ariraya-vibhalita,
Prabhurayaraganda, Mururayaraganda, and the Lord of
eastern, westera, southern and northern (1) oceans, Vira Biikka-
raya, was ruling, his Sarvapradhani) Oikka Vodaya granted to
(the god) PapavinaSesvara of Eruva, the village of Cengalavidu
with libations of water as long as the moon and the sun may
last, in order that his rule, as well as that of Bukkaraya, their
life, health, wealth, cash, gold, goods, and vehicles may increase,
Ait inscription in the tevtpU of F5$ayiti3ScSi}a.rtL in  iJu liifagi *f
in the Cuddapab Ditirict\ L.JK. lf»> 9%^